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To login and chat to other forum users, follow the instructions listed below..
1. Enter the name you wish to use in the chat into the USER NAME box (Required)
2. IF you are a 'Member' or 'Host' user, enter your password into the PASSWORD box, otherwise leave this field blank
3. IF you would like to enter some information about yourself (viewable by other forum users), enter this into the PROFILE box, otherwise leave this field blank
4. When you are ready, click on the CONNECT TO FORUM button to login to the chat forum and start chatting!

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Please note:
 For your safety, never give out your name, home address, phone, email address or other personal info online, or meet anyone in person without parents' permission. Anyone can pretend to be a teen (or anything else) online. 

Please be aware that paedophiles pose as children in chat rooms, so NEVER give out personal information like addresses or telephone numbers, or arrange to meet anyone, without your parent's knowledge.

  If you are 12 or under,  Please get parents' permission before chatting on the net and follow their guidelines. We only provide these chat rooms as a free service and do not monitor these chat rooms at all times. Also, not all chat rooms may be suitable for teens.

Respect: Please treat all other chatters here with respect! Everyone is here to have a good time and have some fun. Do not type in all CAP letters or flood the screen with your text. This may cause you to be kicked from the room by the chat room Host.

Have lots of fun - but, if you are in doubt, pestered by anyone, or concerned, tell a responsible person immediately, and Email me ASAP.

Please report any abuse to me ASAP, email me at:

If you want To be a  sponsore for this website, Please email me with your  Donations. Thanks for all the help and support!