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Coastal Skates

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Coastal Skate specializes in designing, inventing, manufacturing, and marketing vehicles for functional excitement with electric power. The eCarver is an electric skateboard, born from a love for skateboarding and a desire to update the sport for the 21st century. It is a blend of knowledge, technology, and passion. We've had this in our hearts and minds for many years, and we are now ready to share it with the world.

Coastal Skate is proud to present The eCarver: "Carve the Concrete Wave!"


7 pyl Canadian Maple Deck             Safety Momentary On/Off Switch
Size: 31" x 7.75"                                Rear Rubber Brake
Battery: Sealed Lead Acid 24V      Operation: 2 hours          
DC Electric Motor 100 Watt            Charging time: 2-3 hours
7" Heavy Duty Truck                        Speed: 10-12 Miles per hours
ABEC 5 Bearings                               Weight: 20 lbs
100% Rubber Wheels 5" x 6"        Aluminium Battery Box
Aluminium Gear
$289.95 + Shipping